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Sara Jane Hunter

DIVINE HARMONY is 'living as love' for with hearts full, we we see the out picturing of this in our world; learning how to spend our heart currency with wisdom and delight is now shared in my new book!


My Latest Book: CARIAD: Living as Love is available now, so we can all; "Once again feel the peace that lies dormant within the interior landscape of every human heart"



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Sara Jane Hunter

Are we not all here to be the most exquisite juiciest version of ourselves that we can be? We are here to celebrate life and the CARIAD path shows us how to  'go within our own hearts' to find our Truth.  That whole and complete version of us.

My soul-path has led me to express this fully in the world and teach others how to use 'heart currency'.


My life is enriched with four beautiful children and also my grandchildren who are all a source of joy! My work, is my passion.  I am blessed to work every day with groups and individuals who teach me so much about their lives and their heart-felt desires. We can all choose to be here now,  Living as Love, hearts open as our fullest expression enriching our world with joy!

My life’s mission is for us all to remember that 'we are a bed of human hearts'. Every child is 'resting in love' when every mother and father is at peace. In this new era of the child, the path of motherhood is one of joy, as the essential role that mothers have to play in our world is celebrated. This allows our men to also be at peace. For heart currency can then be recognised as the most valuable asset of our planet.  From here we are actively weaving a tapestry of love, joy and peace from the love and wisdom contained within our own hearts, let us all 'rest in love'.


Please see the links below for my new book Cariad, for we can all choose to Live as Love. Also, Wings Of Love, as Pegasus lifts the children from their war-torn city, the beautiful pictures illustrate, that as we open our hearts, we rise above it all and return to love. We all can choose love, and recall our Truth, rising above the old beliefs and patterns of ego. This path is clearly shown in the Choose Again 6-steps and I would love to share this with you. How you too can spend your 'heart currency'.


I have spent the last ten years integrating poetry, Qi Gong and dance into my work, training with Kim Rosen at the Poetry Depths Mystery School, Rebecca Hanscombe Ecstatic Awakening Dance, and Anamarta  Jade Circle developing the use of poetry, music and movement to enhance the role that imagination and creativity can play in our lives.  I am also a fully accredited trainer for HeartMath®   which helps to reduce stress through coherence of the heart with breathwork.  Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and Matrix Re-imprinting are useful to facilitate the release of old stories and trauma patterns. To book  sessions in person or by Zoom, please click here.

Sara Hunter & family

Our world is changing, we as the people inhabiting this earth have to make better choices. We can aspire to become a blessing by filling our hearts with love and evolving our level of consciousness, learning how to build our 'heart currency' is a great way to start!

As we witness the biggest migration of people in human history, we have to shift perspective. If we ask the question how can I make a difference? As a collective we can, the answer lies inside, we can choose to tune our instrument, the human body to the sound of love.

We can all make a difference, each of us by attunement, taking the time to tune up, to listen to how our body feels and adjust within, not push away and avoid, or blame someone else. Take the Cariad inner journey into the heart, make a choice to live as love.


To tune your body and open to love & feel this difference in your life, you may like to read Cariad, or experience a one to one session on Zoom.

contact me.

Divine Inspiration Poems & Books

Wings Of Love
Wings Of Love

All proceeds from the sale of this book go towards Pegasus Fund.

This book was born of the creative genius that arrives when we fill with grace and compassion and choose to actively make a difference, by becoming a blessing in the world and choosing love. 

Order book.

Divine Inspiration Poems

Please use the link below to view & download 3 poems and pictures to share for divine inspiration.


Making time each day for your own spiritual practice, use these words & pictures to meditate and get the divine inspiration from the images and feel blessed by the words.


Coming soon a year of Divine Inspiration for an opportunity to share in a year of joy, to learn how to attune your body to divine harmony & to truly tap into your soul talent and creative potential is a gift. Available to us all. 



Free Poems

Poems & Book
Ecstatic Awakening Dance

ECSTATIC AWAKENING DANCE for DIVINE DIVAS : Dare to be the fullest expression  of yourself!

Bringing groups of women together to open to our sensuality and claim our own inner divine Goddess. Claim your unique and gorgeous body, with swaying hips let your lusciousness dance its way out! Feeling juicy, vibrant and alive, we are all connected to the universal source of divine power and wisdom, where everything is possible and anything can happen! Real magic occurs when we close our eyes and just drop inside.



I am passionate about allowing our bodies to open to the magnetic field of the heart wisdom that brings us home into our bodies where we can experience peace, joy and compassion.



at local various Pembrokeshire venues 

Ecstatic Awakening Dance For Divine Divas
New Publication
New Publication

Cariad Living as Love_edited.jpg

CARIAD is a Welsh word that is love, but also means beloved or sweetheart.  Remember how it feels to fall in love? Remember the magic, when nothing else matters?  What if you could remain in this state of loving?  Rather than a passing moment, one we keep seeking over and over, looking for the right partner; or saying 'I'll be happy when I meet the right one, find the right house, get the ideal job!' So what if we are all looking outside of ourselves when that love actually rests inside us? Nowhere to go and no place to search for it is inside all of us waiting for us to reconnect. To come fully alive by embracing and accepting all that is, loving ourselves.

In this book Cariad: Living as Love you can follow the inner journey and connect 'to the love that lies dormant within the inner landscape of every human heart'.  Harness the power of love that brings us fully alive, full of vitality. Witness the magic unfold in your own life and the lives of those around you as you open to love.

There is a resonant and coherent field that surrounds us all and we can exist and be within this space as it transforms our connections, with ourselves, with others and with our planet.  We are always in relationship and so as you take this inner journey to reveal the depth of love that lies within, as we make love matter, transformation takes place all around us.  Often in the most magical and unexpected ways,

Opening this book, allows you to make space and devote the time to find how you really feel.  A chance to notice when the conditioned mind with its habitual responses, is in the way of deeper and more loving connections.


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