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Making time for a 'Sound of Love' daily ritual of dance with chanting and poetry has changed my life. As I have found divine harmony, all of my relationships have been enriched, I feel closer to my loved ones and  happier than ever before, and every day has brought the gift of direct downloads of poems and prose.

 To feel like a blessing enables life to become a blessing and with that my first book, Wings of Love has been published, with such grace and ease it has flown out! Deep gratitiude to Dez for his illustrations and our publishers Appleseed Images. This book supports our MAMs Pegasus Fund. LATEST - My New publication CARIAD Living as Love is now available to buy  


My Gift For You.

Please see link below to receive 3 poems and pictures from my forthcoming book, Divine Harmony which will be available in the New Year.



Sara Jane Hunter

Sara is first and foremost a mother to four beautiful children. Sara was lucky enough to work alongside Anita Roddick in the setting up of Body Shop Direct which enabled her to gain a worldwide perspective of women at work and mothers being enabled to work from home, balancing the role of motherhood and employment.


Sara then trained as a Life Coach and went on to specialise as a couples and family’s therapist qualifying as an Adlerian Counsellor / Psychotherapist. Realising the vital need for emotional education in our schools today Sara studied with the University of Derby successfully completing a PGCE in Emotional Education which lead on to her setting up peer mentoring in schools in Pembrokeshire. 

Her life’s passion is enhancing the path of motherhood and elevating the essential role that mothers have to play in our society today. Being fully aware that all a mother needs is good support her time is dedicated to enabling women to fulfil their potential in all areas of their lives.


Please see the links below for the book Wings Of Love, a book very close to her heart, all proceeds from the book go to MAMS Community Interest Company and Pegasus Fund to support mothers and their children. 


Sara has spent the last five years integrating poetry and dance into her work, training with Kim Rosen at the Poetry Depths Mystery School and Rebecca Hanscombe as an Ecsatic Awakening Dance teacher developing the use of poetry, music and movement to enhance the role that imagination and creativity can play in healing trauma. Sara is also a fully accredited trainer for HeartMath®   which helps to reduce stress through improving coherence through breathing exercises. More recently Sara has trained in Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and Matrix Re-imprinting to facilitate the release of old stories and trauma patterns. To book a sessions one to one in person or by Skype, please click here.

Sara Hunter & family

In 2017, our world is changing, we as the people inhabiting this earth have to make better choices and to aspire to become a blessing rather than a curse in our world today is a good place to start!

As we witness the biggest migration of people in human history, we have to shift perspective. If we ask the question how can I make a difference? As a collective we can, the answer lies inside, we can choose to tune our instrument, the human body to the sound of love.

We can all make a difference, each of us by attunement, taking the time to tune up, to listen to how our body feels and adjust within, not push away and avoid, or blame someone else.


To tune your body to the sound of love & feel this difference in your life

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Divine Inspiration Poems & Books

Wings Of Love
Wings Of Love

 All proceeds from the sale of this book go towards Pegasus Fund.

This book was born of the creative genius that arrives when we fill with grace and compassion and choose to actively make a difference, by becoming a blessing in the world and choosing love. 

Order book.

Divine Inspiration Poems

Please use the link below to view & download 3 poems and pictures to share for divine inspiration.


Making time each day for your own spiritual practice, use these words & pictures to meditate and get the divine inspiration from the images and feel blessed by the words.


Coming soon a year of Divine Inspiration for an opportunity to share in a year of joy, to learn how to attune your body to divine harmony & to truly tap into your soul talent and creative potential is a gift. Available to us all. 



Free Poems


ECSTATIC AWAKENING DANCE for DIVINE DIVAS : Dare to be the fullest expression  of yourself!

Bringing groups of women together to open to our sensuality and claim our own inner divine Goddess. Claim your unique and gorgeous body, with swaying hips let your lusciousness dance its way out! Feeling juicy, vibrant and alive, we are all connected to the universal source of divine power and wisdom, where everything is possible and anything can happen! Real magic occurs when we close our eyes and just drop inside.



I am passionate about allowing our bodies to open to the magnetic field of the heart wisdom that brings us home into our bodies where we can experience peace, joy and compassion.



at local various Pembrokeshire venues 

Ecstatic Awakening Dance For Divine Divas
New Publication

CARIAD is a Welsh word that is love, but also means beloved or sweetheart.  Remember how it feels to fall in love? Remember the magic, when nothing else matters?  What if you could remain in this state of loving?  Rather than a passing moment, one we keep seeking over and over, looking for the right partner; what if that love actually rests inside us? Nowhere to go and no place to search for it is inside all of us waiting... 

In this book Cariad: Living as Love you can follow the inner journey and connect 'to the love that lies dormant within the inner landscape of every human heart'.  

Harness the power of love that brings us fully alive, full of vitality. Witness the magic unfold in your own life and the lives of those around you as you open to love.





Cariad Living as Love_edited.jpg

ps--You'll hear from some of these great speakers!


*Lisa Barnett:  Works with the Akashic Records and shares how you can use healing prayers to change and transform your life


*Dr. Steven Farmer, shamanic healer and practitioner, shares about the healing power of sacred ceremony


*Nora Key, founder of Connecting with Soul, shares how she helps track and heal missing pieces of people's soul


*Misa Hopkins, who was gifted with The Holding Meditation by the ancients, now shares that healing meditation with the world


*Scott Allen, author of best selling books, shares how to change your goals and beliefs and therefore change your life


*Ayodeji Awosika, best selling author, shares 3 pieces of advice for re-creating yourself


And many more!  You'll be reading about more in the next email, so be watching!


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