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My one true calling was that of a MOTHER to my four beautiful children: Harriet, James, Tom and Wills.  Being busy in the corporate world I now know and appreciate that this was the most important job of my life.  It still is with MAMs a Community Interest Company here in Wales. 


Mothers Affection really does matter...


At MAMS we are dedicated to supporting mothers. From our work we know how vital it is to help women feel safe, then they can heal and feel supported to raise children. When mothers feel held and surrounded by a caring community, when mothers are loved, then children will be born free from trauma.


Over the last 4 years, MAMS has offered support to the women of Pembrokeshire, Wales, UK. Many have experienced trauma and loss and we have supported them individually and in groups. Firstly, as they build their own sense of connection, to find their feet, feeling rooted before they extend out into the community. 

At the core of our work is a belief that every child should be born feeling loved and safe. If this was not the case, we help to recreate that loving bond for mothers. Through our work, in becoming calm and safe, women can open up and share their story, knowing that they are loved, they grow in their own understanding and a shift begins to take place which changes their perspective of life. This change is first created on the inside and then replicated without through the creation of community. 

If you would like to further information on our work or the programmes we deliver, please visit our -






or contact us directly at 01834 814861 and 02921 287133  or by email

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