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A reminder just how powerful you really are

I found myself getting fearful as I listened to the news and read posts from friends and then I remembered the words of Bruce Lipton (world renowned Cellular Biologist):

'your consciousness is primarily responsible for shaping your life'. I heard Bruce speak in Birmingham a few years ago and he is the kind of speaker that changes your life.

As I remembered his words it woke me up, was I sending fearful or calm messages to my body? The major points that are so worth remembering at this time

1. Your consciousness is creating your life experience as your brain translates the pictures in your mind.

2. As you think and create pictures in your mind, these get translated into the very chemistry of your body via your bloodstream. The blood takes the messages into each of your 52 trillion cells.

3. The blood is delivering the messages via the hormones and emotions which your brain chemistry has produced in response to the thoughts you are creating.

4. This very chemistry cocktail that you send through your bloodstream is used to adjust the genetics and behaviour of your 52 trillion cells.


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