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How do we know the sound of love?


In my heart there is love, a transmission for 52 trillion cells

this community that fills up my body, is picking up signals.

But is my heart in alignment with my mind, I wonder?

How do I feel today? What messages am I conveying?

Am I aware of my thoughts and perception of life?

Am I safe, happy, fulfilled and at peace?

Or do I feel threatened, unworthy and tormented?

Truth is my cells cannot see the outside world,

they just trust me to lead them on and be their guide.

Am I a fearless heart-strong warrior or am I anxious and afraid?

Truth is I am transmitting picture messages that create feelings

and this chemical cocktail tells my cells how to prepare.

It seems that I am the Conductor of a large bio-feedback orchestra

for each cell has tuned their instrument, ready to play a tune.

It may sound jarred, fast, loud and furious, a hellish noise

or it could be sensual, paced and ecstatic or quiet and calm.

Whatever my cells pick up from the stories I’m telling myself

they are creating the melody for life; the rolling patterns repeat.

I feel responsible for my cells, this little family contained within.

To ensure that I am, at the very least, telling them the truth.

For it seems that I am creating a real-life movie, I am directing

but I’m also the main character, so what script will we follow?

One that inspires love and right action? Or is it a horror story?

I get to choose the words that are spoken, better choose wisely

for there are interactions with other characters to consider.

If we can fully converse with the beauty of nature and be true

we might all create an inner harmony that inspires heaven on earth.

Sara Jane Hunter

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