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What does it mean to enter the age of Aquarius?

A wise woman told me the axis of security will begin to collapse and we will step into a new way of connecting as human beings... a time when we will act more kindly to one another and nurture and caring will lead the way in a society that can seem to be mainly dominated by power and money. As in who has the most money and power is best!

So it seems we are entering a time which is asking us to support one another and to ask perhaps how is this love? As a Grandmother now, time spent with my Grandson is so precious. He doesn't care at two, how he looks and neither does he worry about whether others are looking at him or whether he should tidy his hair for the next selfie!

Time is spent instead laughing at the wind blowing his hat off or watching the birds in his garden. He loves life and is so carefree and beautifully free to express all he feels from the pain of biting his tongue to the excitement at seeing his parents. It all flows through with no regard for what is good or bad, right or wrong!

I believe that motherhood is a precious time and how we can grow and expand that nurturing, caring love is what takes up my thoughts these days. For me this is what the age of Aquarius feels like, a deeper connection to mother earth and to one another.

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