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WHAT IS A RELATIONSHIP for our evolution into love?

Imagine our surprise, walking along the beach in Tenby, Wales, we found this magnificent sand picture as crowds were gathering to view it. How utterly beautiful, it speaks of innocence and yet needs not one single word. Precious is the gift of life, reminding us all that in love we connect, in every relationship we have an opportunity to grow. I do get to choose love and with this there is a heart expansion, a spark...

What binds us all as one? Love.

Let go the judging and criticism that separates us

feel the pulse of one beating heart.

Feel the evolutionary pull to unity.

A reflection for Valentine's day to ask ourselves what is each relationship for?

'we are this vast mirror of reflection, seeing and revealing, growing and evolving', can we feel into each one of our relationships for 'in separation we miss the beat...we sense aloneness, feel lost, but a drop of ocean water is no more alone than you and I'.

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